We are committed to free education for all.

We Aim To:

  • Ensure that education is free.  We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum with the exception of individual or group music tuition.
  • Ensure that activities offered wholly or mainly during normal school teaching time should be available to all pupils regardless of their parents’ ability or willingness to help meet the cost.
  • Ensure that there is no statutory requirement to charge for any form of education but the school has the discretion to charge for optional activities provided wholly or mainly out of school hours.
  • Ensure that the school has the right to invite contributions for the benefit of the school or in support of activities organised by the school, whether during or outside school hours.


With the aforementioned aims in mind, it is the Policy of the school:

To continue to request contributions from parents towards activities organised by the school during school hours.

  • Subsidies may be available for children whose parents are unwilling or unable to make a contribution.
  • If insufficient contributions are forthcoming for an activity and insufficient subsides are available, then that activity will be cancelled.
  • A charge will be made for all non-residential activities which take place wholly or more than 50% outside school hours, where the child’s participation has been agreed in advance by the parents.  The charge will include the cost of travel, entrance fees, insurance, books, equipment and any staff (teaching or non-teaching) engaged specifically for the activity.
  • Residential trips – Charges will be made towards transport, accommodation, entrance fees and living expenses.
  • The school may charge for the cost of ingredients, materials and equipment where parents have expressed the wish to have the finished product.
  • The school may make charges for breakages and damage to property including window breakage and cost for graffiti removal.
  • The school may charge for lost school property i.e. books.
  • Music Tuition – The school will charge for individual or group tuition in playing a musical instrument which is neither part of the syllabus for an approved public examination, nor part of the National Curriculum.
  • Remission will not apply to such charges when they relate to activities wholly outside school hours, except if the activity is prescribed in a syllabus for a public examination, if it is prescribed by the National Curriculum or fulfills duties relating to Religious Education.
  • The school has bought into the Lettings Buy Back Service via the Local Authority who will set all charges with regards to the lettings of school premises.

Review date: October 2018