The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares children for life in modern Britain. All subjects are taught each year and there is a strong emphasis on basic skills throughout the school. A love of reading is promoted and there are high expectations of all. The curriculum is enhanced by the use of specialist sports coaches, specialist music tuition, visiting teachers, art and theatre groups and after school clubs.

Curriculum Plans give parents an outline of the curriculum content for each year group, each term. Please find below information for this academic year. This gives a brief view of the topics your child will be studying and can be used as a guide to support them at home.For further information relating to curriculum content, please refer to the school brochure or contact the school.

Topics by year group:

Year 3 Topic Web (Autumn Term)

Year 3 Topic Web (Spring Term)

Year 4 Topic Web (Autumn Term)

Year 4 Topic Web (Spring Term)

Year 5 Topic Web (Autumn Term)

Year 5 Topic Web (Spring Term)

Year 6 Topic Web (Autumn Term)

Year 6 Topic Web (Spring Term)

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Whole school topic plan

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Our strong links with the Openzone CLC mean the children are taught the skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century.

Computing Curriculum Y3 and Y4

Computing Curriculum Y5 and Y6















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