Dukeshouse Diary

Day One:

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have arrived! We passed our first test of making our own beds and are settled into our dorms. Lunch was a success and we are ready to throw ourselves into everything Dukeshouse has in store. We will update you every morning but until then, have a great time without us!



Dear Parents/Carers,
We left school with a coach and a minibus full of excited children (and staff) this morning and arrived at Dukeshouse Wood after an uneventful journey.
The children were desperate to get into their dorms but there wasn’t much time for making themelves at home, as we were straight into lunch and a full day of tasks.
Groups worked through activities including climbing, orienteering, laser tag and aeroball and a good time was had by all.
After dinner, three groups took part in a Mini Olympics whilst the fourth took on the 3G Swing.
Love from the pupils of East Boldon Juniors x
Mr Wilson, Mrs Burns, Mr Chilton and Miss Case 🙂

Day Two:

Dear Parents/Carers,

Morning mile complete! We enjoyed our 7.15am run to start the day off in a great fashion. Some chose their bed instead 1f634 we are all set for a fabulous day ahead!

Mr Wilson and Mrs Burns

Day Three

Dear Parents/Carers,
Although the weather on Tuesday wasn’t as nice as Monday, we did manage to keep dry and enjoy a jam packed day of fun activities. From lighting fires and laser tag to abseiling and a mass game of football, every minute was active and exciting. So many children pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and tried new things even if they were ‘terrified’. This definitely included Mrs Burns on the 3G swing!
It’s a bit wet today but we’re still looking forward to more activities that build team work, resilience and self confidence.
Lots of love from the Year 6 pupils
and Mrs Burns, Miss Case, Mr Chilton, Miss Rosenthal and Mr Wilson

Day Four:

Dear Parents/Carers,
Everyone enjoyed an obstacle course and the zip line this morning. The children were fantastic at working together and supporting each other to complete the obstacles and overcome their fears.
The afternoon saw a mixture of den building, constructing a low ropes course (making their own mini zip wire), getting very muddy completing the night line and climbing Jacob’s Ladder.
The rain defeated us for the campfire in the evening so we opted instead for a film to keep warm and dry. Mr Shenton is visiting later today and he has promised to bring the sunshine!
Year 6, Mrs Burns, Miss Case, Mr Chilton, Miss Rosenthal and Mr Wilson