The Year 6 pupils have completed their residential week at Dukeshouse Wood and they have had a fabulous time! Early morning runs, oodles of delicious food, teamwork, challenging activities and fun have been on the menu all week. We think they will
probably sleep very well this weekend!

The staff have loved every moment with this group, who have been a credit to themselves and the school. It has been amazing for the teachers to see different sides to the children and indeed, them see different sides to us. It has been a fantastic experience and we hope that they share all of the wonderful adventures with you all… after they have caught up on sleep!


Dukeshouse Wood Diary

Diary entry 1:

Well we’re up and getting Tuesday started with some football. Did you realise we are all out and active by 7.30am? No excuses when we all return home now!

We slept well after all the excitement of day one. Everyone settled well into their new surroundings and did the school proud with great effort and behaviour in our groups. We had fun running around in orienteering, conquering new heights in indoor climbing and working as a team in solving problems in the woods.

The day ended with a scrumptious dinner of chicken or lasagne and wedges , before we then spent some of our money at our tuck shop. Let’s say it created just a little excitement! We then took part in mini Olympics and thankfully Great Britain defeated all other nations.

A great day and we look forward to the challenges today brings.

Kind regards,

Mr Wilson, Mrs Gartland, Miss Rosenthal and Miss Case

Diary entry 2:

Did your child join us on a 7am run or did they prefer an extra 30 minutes in bed? Were they feeling energetic or do they love their beauty sleep?

Before looking at the pictures, go on and have a guess.

Well done to all those who completed between 1-2.5 miles this morning, a super achievement!

On another note, they slept like angels without incidence. We are so proud of our EBJ children.

Further details on yesterday’s events will follow.

Kind regards,

Mr Wilson, Mrs Gartland, Miss Case and Miss Rosenthal.

Diary entry 3:

We had a brilliant day yesterday with lots of children pushing themselves using the ‘Challenge by choice’ slogan of the centre. We are incredibly proud of each and every child! Some of them have reached incredible heights!

The campfire activity last night was so much fun and the children were lovely and loud! Miss Case even lead a song (toast!) and we were even treated to some solos from the World’s Greatest Showman soundtrack from some of our children. Everyone slept very well indeed and there were no tears at all last night!

We’ve never seen a year group devour so much breakfast! With three activities a morning, the children are making the most of a full English, cereal, fruit, yogurt and several rounds of toast to keep their energy going. We love it!

With so much choice, some poor pupils can’t decide what to choose for lunch or dinner tonight either… I’m sure the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings will be a massive hit!

This morning, we’ve groups tackling the leap of faith, shelter building, obstacle challenges and some even building a high ropes course of their very own!

This afternoon brings the 3G swing for some groups… and yes, the teachers have been asked by the kids to partner up with them. Mrs Gartland is thrilled!

The children are having a fabulous time and send their love home! Signal is shocking here so we’re snatching signal where we can!

Speak soon!

Mrs Gartland, Miss Griffiths, Mr Wilson, Miss Case and Miss Rosenthal

Diary entry 4:

What an amazing morning! We’ve conquered and ‘owned’ (according to the pupils) the 3G swing, the leap of faith and building our own obstacle course.

It’s overcast now but warm and dry, so nothing to spoil our fun!

Heading off to tuck in to a lunch of soup, jacket potatoes, cheese baguette, chicken nuggets, chips and mixed veg…oh and the salad bar…decisions, decisions!

Some quotes from the visit so far:

‘I’ve pushed myself today and I’m so pleased that I did!’

‘We do these activities to make our relationships stronger.’

‘I wanted to go half way on the 3G swing and we went to the top. We doubled our target!’

Miss Case, Mrs Gartland, Miss Griffiths, Miss Rosenthal and Mr Wilson

Diary entry 5:

Good morning from (we wish it was sunny but it’s not) Hexham! Windy and raining here but that hasn’t stopped the fun. All wrapped up warm and heading out in to the very fresh air.

Yesterday saw us tackling many high rope activities and the children (and staff) are buzzing with conquering their fears!

Last night was a well needed chill out night as we snuggled down for a DVD with our tuck shop goodies. It was a very quiet night with all children settled … and no tears. The children are doing amazingly well… some bedrooms are kept beautifully neat… some not so!! We will let you decide which is which!

After another impressive breakfast, where we went through at least 5 loaves of bread (toast – ask the children), this morning finds us abseiling, fire lighting, ‘lasering’ in the woods and doing the zip wire.

Children send their love.

Love from The Happy Campers xx

Diary entry 6:

Good morning… we can’t believe it’s Friday already!

What a fab night we had yesterday partying on at the disco, we certainly owned the dance floor. This was followed by rounds of happy birthday and a slice of cake before bed, as we helped Lugh to celebrate his birthday.

We slept soundly again, no tears! We’ve been up bright and early this morning, have packed and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. (Yeah toast!)

Out on activities this morning, we’re ending an amazing week with team games, fencing and the zip line – finishing on a real high!

Staff would like to take the opportunity to apologise in advance for the high food bills this weekend as the children have been eating like lords. As well as this, your water bill may increase due to the deep clean needed! We promise that they have showered whilst here, although it might not look like it!

Joking aside, the children have been an absolute pleasure. As staff, we have loved every moment with this group and they have been a credit to themselves and the school. It has been amazing for us teachers to see different sides to the children and indeed, them see different sides to us. It has been a fantastic experience and we hope that they share all of the wonderful adventures with you all… after they have caught up on sleep!

Love the camping crew

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