This week is International Space week! We have been invited to attend a virtual STEM day through STEMFEST this Thursday 8th October and we are getting involved.
There are many events organised these include interviews with astronauts, the Kielder observatory and STEM learning for primary school children!
This is a fantastic opportunity for us!

What is happening in school?

In Year 3, we are having a STEM afternoon which will include the children designing, making and improving their own paper aeroplanes.
In Year 4, the children are designing and making their own landing crafts.
In Year 5, the pupils are saving their activity for the Spring Term, when they have their ‘Out of this world’ curriculum unit. They will be designing and making our own straw rockets.
Finally in Year 6, the pupils are Mission X training like an astronaut which includes challenges relating to bone density, hydration and nutrition and P.E. challenges which look at the implications of living and working in a microgravity environment!

How can you get involved at home?

At 6pm this evening, live images of the stars from Kielder observatory can be viewed online – for more information visit and enter the Pink activities at 6pm tonight!