Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                              11/06/20


I would like to thank you all once again for your amazing communication with school throughout this pandemic. We have received such a wide range of academic work, rich experiences and uplifting messages from this wonderful community. It makes this job so worthwhile! I feel so privileged to be the Head Teacher here in East Boldon.


The school has completed a full risk assessment of the premises and the procedures for welcoming back Y6 pupils safely from 15th June. The risk assessment has been conducted in conjunction with the local authority and every effort has been taken to ensure that our procedures are as safe as they can be. However, it must be stressed that the families and pupils must follow the advice in this letter and when they are in school for the safety of the whole school community.


Over the past 12 weeks, we have managed to keep the school open for the children of key workers throughout the holidays. Arrangements for the Key Worker groups will remain the same. We have been busy in school preparing the ‘Classroom Bubbles’ for Year 6 and I would like to share with you all the amendments and arrangements that we have in place.


Safety arrangements:

  • If any child has any virus symptoms, do not send the child to school.
  • In the event of any child in a Bubble displaying any symptoms, all pupils and staff in the Bubble will be sent home and will be asked to arrange testing. If results return Negative, the Bubble can reopen (please keep emails or text message as evidence for school). A positive result = 14 days of isolation as per government advice.
  • Staggered opening, playtimes, lunchtimes and end of the school day (see below ‘EBJS Reopening Organisation for information about Y6 groups arrangements). Signage and staff will help on the first week.
  • Pupils enter the school through their given wing – no children to use the main hall.
  • Pupils that are late (after the gates are locked) will need to come to the main office.
  • Packed lunch is offered from the Local Authority for free to all but pupils can bring their own packed lunch. These will be eaten in their Classroom Bubbles.
  • Pupils will get their usual three outdoor breaks a day.
  • The outdoor gym will not be used.
  • Bubbles to be taught by a consistent member of staff.
  • All classrooms have been altered so that desks are spaced out and face the interactive whiteboard (we will share a video on Facebook today).
  • All classrooms have a hand sanitiser station and displays reminding children about good hand washing practice.
  • All belongings to be stored at their individual desk (not using corridor pegs).
  • Equipment in the classrooms will not be shared.
  • No belongings to be brought into school other than summer coat, sun hat and water bottle (plus packed lunch if required).
  • Sun cream must be applied at home each day before coming into school.
  • Children must be wearing clean clothing each day (we would prefer school uniform but understand that children may have grown out of uniform and you may not have enough for fresh uniform each day).
  • All visitor interactions to happen via phone or video conferencing.
  • Fire evacuation to be practised on Monday and Thursday next week.
  • Additional regular cleaning routines including Deep Cleans are established.
  • Assemblies will happen each morning on the classroom whiteboards via video conferencing to avoid large gatherings.
  • The school has purchased PPE equipment for staff administering any first aid.
  • Windows and doors (not fire doors) will be wedged open to allow flow of air and reduce handle touching.
  • Children will use the toilets one at a time.
  • School has installed push down taps so that they do not need to be manually turned off.
  • Any increases to the Classroom Bubbles will be communicated with parents/carers. This will have an impact on the social distancing that the addition to the group creates. Parents continue to have the right to withdraw from these settings. 48 hours’ notice is required before additional pupils will be added. Following guidance, the Bubbles are limited at 12 children.


It is going to be harder for teachers to reply as quickly on Class Dojo over the forthcoming weeks, as they are increasing their hours in school. If you have any pressing matters, please use Class Dojo to contact Mrs Gartland, as she will be your Home Learning Tutor. She will manage logins, passwords, support and advice and help with any queries if your class teacher is temporarily unavailable.


I hope that this document helps. We are so keen to get school back to normal as soon as it is safe to do so. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other,

Tim Shenton

Head Teacher

East Boldon Junior School


Download (DOCX, 31KB)