The aim of East Boldon Junior School is to have a happy and secure school where everyone is valued and has every opportunity to realise their full potential.  There are high expectations of all.

At East Boldon Junior School we believe in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors. By feeling valued and respected, as an individual, we seek to encourage each person to show value and respect towards one another, joining together to build a happy and secure community. We aim to make our school a place where all are encouraged to reach for and achieve their potential.

Our school aims to consider the uniqueness and individual needs of its pupils by delivering a broad, balanced differentiated and relevant curriculum. Each child is considered as a whole person who, through their school experience, will develop the skills, concepts and attitudes needed for the future . We aim to prepare children to reach their full potential as responsible citizens.

Our school aspires to value everyone associated with it, irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability. We endeavour to motivate, support and inspire children by educating them in a safe and secure environment.


Our Vision for IT           

As ICT underpins today’s society it is essential that all pupils and staff gain the confidence and ability, that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. At East Boldon Junior School we value the contribution that ICT can make for the pupils, parents, governors and the wider community. We aim to use ICT where appropriate to motivate and inspire. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning and raise standards across the whole curriculum.

We are very happy to announce that we have been awarded the ICT Mark for the second time.This recognises that high standards of teaching and learning in ICT are preparing our pupils to become 21st century citizens.


Our ‘Learning Lodge’ is enjoyed by all, it has given us much needed extra space for performance, creative arts and after school clubs.


Our Achievements

Congratulations to the staff and children on achieving the Sports Mark Silver Level for 2018. The school has a strong commitment to sport and we have achieved the gold or silver award  every year since 2014. This recognises our continuing commitment to providing high quality sport and PE for all.

East Boldon Junior School now holds the British Council International School Award. This recognises the embedding of international learning within the curriculum, teaches young people about the world around them and encourages global citizenship. This award follows the Gold Quality Mark recognition for excellence in the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages.

Congratulations to Mrs Orrock, our Cook in Charge, on an Outstanding Environmental Health Report.


For more information about the school,e.g., curriculum, uniform, Governors,  please refer to the school brochure.

School Prospectus 2017 – 2018