Welcome to the Year 3 page. Here we will keep you up to date with what we are doing. Look here for our news and photos.

Y3 at The Winter Gardens

Year 3 visited the Winter Gardens in Sunderland.

“I enjoyed feeling the snakeskin, the cocoa beans and coconut husk.”


“We saw all of the different layers of the rainforest and we learned about illegal poaching of animals.”



The snake skin was as long as three Year 3 pupils!


“Advantage, Year 3”

Our Year 3 pupils are being taught Tag Rugby skills and are improving every week! They have learned the basic skills of passing, scoring tries and tagging opponents safely.


Terrific Tennis

The Year 3 pupils are having tennis lessons with Boldon Tennis Association coaches in school. They have been improving their hand-eye coordination by a series of games. This activity involved throwing the ball over the net and catching the tennis ball between two cones. Lots of fun!



The NSPCC returned to East Boldon Juniors this week to thank the pupils and inform us that we raised an amazing £747.50

Well done to everyone for supporting the charity. I’m sure the money will be put to good use.




Class 9 made fantastic progress during their sessions at the swimming baths at Boldon School. There were so many individual achievements in such a short time. There are some pupils, who were non-swimmers, now able to swim unaided in different strokes. Class 8 have started their lessons and are making great waves too.


Y3 Magical Maths Club

21 of our Year 3 pupils started a new club this week – Magical Maths. The pupils play mathematical games and crack secret codes as maths detectives. They have to work out addition and multiplication sums to work out codes. We have lots of fun learning!


Amazing homework

Year 3 have produced some incredible homework throughout the year! Thank you for the amazing range of work. It looks like the children have had a lot of fun – hopefully the parents too!


Timestable Rockstar Alert!

We have a winner! Year 4 produced a winner. William has made the most progress in his multiplication recall in the whole school this month! Wow!


Easter Eggs-travaganza!

Well done to everyone who created a decorated Easter Egg this year. They were absolutely amazing!


Fun in the snow

We’ve been so lucky this year to get days with the snow. We created snowmen, snowdogs and snowbots!


Thank you for supporting our Year 3 show

We had a blast performing the songs and putting on a great show!


Citizenship Awards

Well done to one of our Y3 pupils for winning the Citizenship Award from our local Police Officers. We care about fantastic community!