Welcome to the Year 6 page. Here we will keep you up to date with what we are doing.

Y6 Home Learning Pack 7

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 6th – 17th July.

Y6 English Grid 7

Y6 White Rose Maths Lessons have been sent out via ParentMail (Y6 Mathematics Link)

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 7 (including resources: Canals Information and Travel Itinerary)


Y6 Home Learning Pack 6

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 22nd June – 3rd July.

Y6 English Grid 6 (including resources: .

Y6 White Rose Maths Lessons have been sent out via ParentMail (Y6 Mathematics Link)

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 6

(including resources:

Task A (Quayside Photos);

Task G (Noughts and crosses);

Task G (Race across the river);

Task G (Save the treasure);

Task J (Number Patterns).


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Another fabulous week of home learning. Well done, Year 6!


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Thanks for your photos and for your support and understanding this week, as we’ve returned to school after the half term break. It is very much appreciated. Have a lovely weekend!


Y6 Home Learning Pack 5

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 8th – 19th June.

Y6 English Grid 5 (including resources: Shakespeare slideshow, Macbeth script, Shakespeare comprehension, ‘Who Dunnit?’ comprehension and Rubbish.

Y6 White Rose Maths Lessons have been sent out via ParentMail (Y6 Mathematics Link)

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 5

(including resources:

Task A (Slideshow);

Task D (Photographs);

Task E (Game Board), Task E (Instructions);

Task F (Bingo);

Task G (Jumping Dice), Task G (Ship Shape), Task G (Balance Time), Task G (Sequence Champions);

Task J Part 1, Task J Part 2, Task J Part 3;

Task K (Slide Show), Task K (Worksheet), Task K (Answers).

We look forward to seeing what you do on Class Dojo.


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Great work again this week, Year 6!


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Another Friday, another celebration of all the work that you have been doing. You continue to impress us with your effort, enthusiasm and creativity (parents and pupils). You are ALL doing a fantastic job!

Y6 Home Learning Pack 4

Here are the home learning packs for the two school weeks 18th – 22nd May and 1st – 5th June. The children have a half-term in between these two weeks.

Y6 English Grid 4 (including resources: Adventures of Robin Hood, Fact or Fiction and Where Did Robin Hood Come From?)

Y6 Mathematics LinkY6 White Rose Maths Lessons and Answers

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 4 including resources: Task A (Geography), Task C Sheet 1 and Task C Sheet 2 (Geography), Task I (Science), Task K (Science) and Task L (DT).

We look forward to seeing what you do on Class Dojo.


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Thanks for all the great work, Year 6. Keep it up!


Y6 Home Learning Pack 3

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 4th – 15th May.

Y6 English Grid (Here are the extra resources: Myth 1; Myth 2; Myth 3)

Y6 Mathematics Link

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid (Here are the extra resources: Music; DT two documents Doc A and Doc B)

We look forward to seeing what you do on Class Dojo.


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Well done for all your hard work again, Year 6!


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Thank you so much for your effort and enthusiasm in embracing the new term this week even though we are not together in school. We love to see all the work that you are doing at home.

Y6 Home Learning Pack 2

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 20th April – 1st May. Teachers have developed an English, mathematics and wider curriculum grid for families to choose daily tasks from. We will continue to provide these on a fortnightly basis.

Y6 English Grid 2 (Plus here are the English resources)

Y6 Mathematics Link

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 2 (Plus here are the Curriculum resources)


Y6 Home Learning Collage

Thank you for sharing the images of your learning via Class Dojo. We have loved to see your work! Please keep them coming!


Y6 Home Learning Pack 1

Here are the home learning packs for the fortnight 23rd March – 3rd April. Teachers have developed an English, mathematics and wider curriculum grid for families to choose daily tasks from. We will continue to provide these on a fortnightly basis.

Y6 English Grid 1

Y6 Mathematics Grid

Y6 Wider Curriculum Grid 1 and Task K

Live Tales

Y6 thoroughly enjoyed our workshop ‘Live Tales’, emphasising creativity and showing us
that there is a writer in each and every one of us! As a group, we developed an exciting,
original storyline. An illustrator even sketched our character in live time. Take a look and maybe ask your child about our super storyline.

Nissan Visit

Our Y6 pupils have visited Nissan this term to learn about manufacturing. The children
focused on careers in the workplace, health and safety and how company’s form efficient production teams.

Wellbeing Week

Last week was Wellbeing Week and the pupils learned about our 5 ways to wellbeing. Each day they completed activities linked to our 5 ways to wellbeing. On Monday they connected with other pupils, Tuesday they took notice of positive messages around them;
Wednesday was about learning something new; on Thursday, we focused on being active
and finally, on Friday the pupils considered how giving time and effort to help others can help
ourselves too.

Spring Term After School Clubs

We have a range of after school clubs this term:
Monday – Orchestra, Boys’ football
Tuesday – Dance, Lego Coding
Wednesday – Drama, Athletics, Relax Kids, Art
Thursday – Gymnastics, Glee Club
Friday – Girls’ football, Tennis
Please note that there are no after school clubs on the week beginning 10th February due to
parents’ evenings and the PTA Disco.


Eden Camp

Our Y6 pupils have immersed themselves in their topic ‘Put that light out!’ The children and
adults dressed up for their visit to Eden Camp. Everyone had a great time learning about

Destination Judo

Y5 and Y6 pupils were offered Judo taster sessions from Destination Judo. They had a such fun playing games and learning a few judo moves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Google Internet Legends

The internet is wonderful! I sometimes wonder what we did without it! However, it can also be very concerning and children and adults need to learn how to stay safe online. We invited The Google Education Team into our school assembly today to learn very important lessons about staying safe online.

The Year 6 pupils learned 5 important lessons:

Be internet sharp and think before you share. Know what’s okay to share and what’s not.

Be internet alert and check it’s for real. Spot the clues for what’s real, fake or a scam online.

Be internet secure and protect your stuff. Learn how to create strong passwords.

Be internet kind and respect each other. Understand what it means to be kind online and respect other people’s privacy.

Be internet brave and when in doubt, discuss. Ask for help from a parent or trusted adult with tricky situations online.

At East Boldon Juniors we want our children to love using the internet safely! At the end of today’s session, the children pledged to stay safe online by following the five rules above.

Want to know more about the free resources online? Visit: g.co/BeInternetLegends/Parents

Cake and a cuppa

We raised over £600 for Macmillan Cancer Support this morning and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much for your contributions towards the vast array of sweet treats and for your generous donations. This afternoon, the raffle was drawn by pupils in
assembly and the teaching staff were very upset not to win anything! Winners have been contacted by staff at home time today or by telephone. It was fantastic to see the hall packed
with so many families once again. Thank you for your support for the school and Macmillan.


Introducing our new topic: PUT THAT LIGHT OUT!

Here is the Year 6 Autumn Term curriculum map:

Download (PDF, 876KB)


Mathematics Homework

Some of our parents have asked for maths resources to practise at home. Here is a very handy resource for you to dip into.  Click on the topic area you want to practise, look at and try the questions, then click on the YouTube links to see a video on how to answer the question correctly, and see if you got it right!

Tip: If you have a printer at home, you could print the questions page and write your answer on the sheet before you watch the YouTube video for each question.

Maths topics


002 – Column Methods Add + Subtract

003 – Decimals

004 – Division

005 – Factors,Primes + Squares

006 – Fraction Adding

007 – Frac Dec Perc Equivalence

008 – Fraction of a Quantity

009 – Fractions of Shapes

010 – Multiply Divide by 10, 100, 1000

011 – Long Multiplication

012 – Multiplying and Multiples

013 – Negative Numbers

014 – Percentages

015 – Place Value

016 – Rounding

017 – Algebra and Unknowns

018 – Comparing

019 – Coins

020 – Explain by Counterexample

021 – Inequality Signs

022 – Money Problems

023 – Problem Solving

024 – Proportion & Ratio

025 – Sequences

026 – Sorting Diagrams

027 – Use each number once

028 – Working Backwards

029 – Angles + Lines

030 – Area

031 – Coordinates

032 – Measurement Conversion of units

033 – Missing Lengths from Diagrams

034 – Nets + 3D Shapes

035 – Perimeter

036 – Quadrilaterals

037 – Reading Scales + Number Lines

038 – Rotation

039 – Shape Names

040 – Symmetry + Reflection

041 – Time

042 – Translating Shapes

043 – Combinations

044 – Interpret Charts

045 – Line Graphs

046 – Pictograms

047 – Pie Charts

048 – Probability


Lots of parents want to know more about SATs. Here is a helpful guide (scroll down to cycle through the slides or click the download button):

Download (PDF, 3.51MB)


Year 5 Archive (2018-2019):

Gibside Residential

The Year 5 pupils have completed their week at Gibside National Park and they have had a great time! The children have thrived this week and loved the challenging activities. They will sleep well this weekend!

Oh Buoy!

Our Year 5 pupils were challenged to design and create boats for an investigation into the effect of air and water resistance. The pupils worked had to evaluate the factors that affected the speed and distance that the boats travelled. It was great fun too!


The Rising Sun Country Park

Year 5 visited The Rising Sun Country Park to learn about the great outdoors, specifically:  lifecycles of amphibians and they also created art using items from the forest floor.

Gibside Residential

Many of you were able to attend the information session with Mrs Martin and Mr Chilton. For those of you that were unable to attend, please find the presentation below. Scroll down or click download, if it doesn’t appear on your browser.

Download (PPTX, 3.16MB)

Dodgeball Tournament

Pupils’ views on their Dodgeball experience:
‘It was very enjoyable,’ said Daniel.
‘It was hard work – we got lots of exercise,’ continued Isabella.
‘We had to work as a team to be successful,’ added Eva.

Viking Day

Lots of family members joined the children for an afternoon of Viking fun. Thanks, once again, for all of your support. The pupils loved having so many of you in school.

Hoops 4 Health

Newcastle Eagles’ players visited East Boldon Juniors again this year. The professional players used basketball as an activity to convey a range of positive health messages, including the importance of keeping physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Road Safety

Years 5 had a visit from the road safety team this week. We learnt about wearing bright and reflective clothing to make sure that we’re seen over the winter. We also learnt about where and how to cross the road safely.

Welcome to Cloud Singh

Our Y5 classes welcomed Cloud Singh into school to tell us more about Sikhism and help us with our religious education.


Here is the Year 5 Autumn Term curriculum map:

Download (PDF, 762KB)


Year 4 Archive (2017-2018):

‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!’

The Year 4 classes visited Marsden Beach today as part of their topic ‘Coasts’. They were able to see the effect of erosion on the natural landscape, as they walked to South Shields. The pupils weren’t the only ones to grab an ice-cream!

On the beach, the pupils had great fun!

The children finished in South Shields and had an ice-cream. Mr Shenton joined Year 4 for the morning only, but not to be out done, he managed to get one too!

Teamwork Challenges

This afternoon some children from year 4 visited South Marine Park to complete an orienteering course. The pupils tackled problem solving activities where the children had to work as a team to complete tasks such as rolling a ball down a series of pipes and trying to get six sticks to all touch each other. The children did brilliantly with these tricky tasks and showed fantastic teamwork and behaviour.

Disco Fever

A huge thank you to everyone for supporting the school disco. The pupils (and staff) had a wonderful time. Once again, we would like to personally thank the PTA and DJ Windle for creating such a great event.


Year 4 have been learning to control their bikes and signal with their arms. This has been great preparation for when they go out on to the roads in Year 5 Bikeability. The pupils really enjoyed the lessons too.

Rugby Stars

Year 4 pupils attended a rugby festival on Tuesday. They had lots of fun, playing matches in the lovely sunshine. There are more photos on Year 4’s page of the school website.



Sir, yes, Sir!

Our Year 4 classes have been having football lessons with Major Maguire. They played games that helped them to improve their passing, moving and communication. The pupils loved pretending to be soldiers too!


C’est incroyable!

Our Year 4 pupils are enjoying their weekly French lessons in school. This term they have been learning about noun phrases.


Terrific Tennis

The Year 4 pupils were having tennis lessons with Boldon Tennis Association coaches in school. They have been improving their hand-eye coordination by a series of games. This activity involved learning how to serve. The pupils had lots of fun learning!


Timestable Rockstar Alert!

We have a winner! Year 4 produced a winner. Daniel has made the most progress in his multiplication recall in the whole school this month! Wow!


World Book Day

Well done to everyone for your amazing writing and wonderful book character costumes for World Book Day 2018!


Easter Eggs-travaganza!

Well done to everyone who created a decorated Easter Egg this year. They were absolutely amazing!


Fun in the snow

We’ve been so lucky this year to get days with the snow. We created snowmen, snowdogs and snowbots!



International School Award

We have once again been successful in achieving the International School Award this year. One of our Year 4 pupils received the award from Will Millard, a BBC presenter and expedition leader, at an event in The Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Guitar Tuition

Many of our pupils take up guitar lessons in Year 4, if you are interested please get in touch with the school office and we will happily let you know about the various instruments and in  school and extra-curricular tuition available.


Year 3 archive photos:

IMG_0141 IMG_0140 IMG_0139 IMG_0138IMG_0131